Find out the mistakes you should avoid when creating your next email campaign

Submitting a Newsletter may be the most powerful way to reach your client or prospects, and if you want this to be successful among your subscribers there are certain email marketing mistakes you need to avoid when designing your email marketing campaign.

We receive a lot of emails each day, the difference between a successful one and one that will go by unnoticed amongst a sea of emails, is determined by taking care of even the smallest details and avoiding email mistakes when designing your email marketing campaign.

In this summary we tell you the 10 things you should avoid when sitting down to plan your next email campaign

  • Using a "Noreplay" Email Address: We all like to know who is behind the emails, using a generic email name like "Admin" or "Noreplay" is showing the customer that the brand has little or no interest at all. Using a Noreplay address tells your user that nobody will answer your mail if you ask for more information- stopping a potential relationship between your brand and a customer right in its tracks.

Today, as users, we always seek to communicate with the brand, company or service and it is important that we provide our email customers with options to maintain that connection. If you do not want them to respond to that particular address, enable another valid response address and improve the relationship with your client. In addition, making a delivery from free email addresses can take your newsletter to the unwanted folder which is a really big email marketing mistake which is why we recommend delivering from addresses with your own domain name. Show your user what is important and take advantage of all the opportunities you find to create engagement and encourage them to get in touch if they have questions about your products or services.

  • Generic Subject Lines: The subject line is key in making your message stand out. A subject line like "Monthly Newsletter" does not say anything, and you would be wasting one of the key elements to get your audience's attention. As email users, we frequently receive hundreds of messages and your recipient must choose which email to open in the sea of ​​his inbox. Try to create specific subject lines, direct and consistent with the content of the message that are not just large promotional posters. And if you are going to use something as standard as "Monthly Newsletter", be sure to add the topic that your campaign refers to as "Summer Edition", "Back to School" so that people know what they receive before clicking.

Add a plus to your subject lines using emoticons to attract the attention of your contacts

  • Uncustomized Content: Not addressing the name and surname of your client takes away the brand's personality and the opportunity to increase the opening rate of your e Mailpro allows you to easily customize your newsletter using dynamic fields, adding some additional fields such as first name, last name or date of birth in your Excel address book and then just add our dynamic fields in your newsletter. If you personalize the title and content, you will be creating a unique newsletter for each user, making your user feel loved and remembered.
  •  Only one Image and no Text: If you send a newsletter that only contains images, it is very likely that it ends up in the SPAM folder. Often designs are created in Photoshop where the text is included within the design, which can create a decrease in the delivery rate as well as send emails directly to the unwanted folder. It is the same thing that happens if you just send a newsletter with only paragraphs of text in the content, this would be very unattractive to your audience.

It is a common mistake when designing an email, and we recommend that you maintain a balance between images that attract the attention of your clients as well as text that provides them with quality information.

  • Little Quality Information: Put yourself in your client's place and imagine receiving an email that does not contain relevant information ... very disappointing. It is important that you always offer informative and quality content to your email users, do not compromise your trust, and create content that is relevant to their lives. It is not recommended that everything be promotional- create a balance. A brand that only talks about itself in each delivery, can lose some reputation amongst its subscribers. If you rely on sending offers and promotions, try something different and offer an exclusive product for your subscribers, a special offer for being a part of your contact list or a product that you have previously identified as being accepted within the geographic area of ​​your user.

Take a few minutes before thinking about the content of your newsletter and ask yourself when it develops ... Is it interesting to my audience? Will it be of any benefit to my subscribers? If you feel you do not answer these questions, restate a change. For example, you can create actions through call-to-action buttons to direct your users to download an informative document, thus delivering content with additional value and building a long-term relationship.

  • Be Careful with SPAM Words: A message loaded with words such as offer, discount, or free, can cause your content to end up in the dreaded SPAM folder, which means that your clients will not even have the opportunity to see your message . We recommend that you read our list of spam words and try to use as few of them as possible so that your delivery rate is not affected.
  •  Too Long Emails: Imagine receiving an email where you have to scroll infinitely- another big disappointment. We are at a moment in time where immediacy and practicality are key, which is why we suggest that you are direct and concrete when it comes the time to create your content. Once again, it is important to keep in mind that most users see their emails from a mobile phone, so it is important that the content design you are planning for your message considers this type of user.

Think about usability when designing your mail and do not make these mistakes. Use calls to action so you can take your readers to your website or social networks where they can see all the information you have available.

  • Broken Links because of lack of testing: It is important that before sending the final delivery, you undergo a trial email delivery, to your personal mail or to that of your work team so you can test how the design looks on a mobile phone. Check that you do not have broken links, that the calls to action correctly execute what you had planned or formatting
  • Didn’t Send a Test: It is important that before sending the final, you make a trial delivery, to your personal mail or to that of your work team, so you can test how the design looks on a mobile phone. Check that you do not have broken links, that calls to action correctly execute what you have planning or formatting When testing, on mobile, on mac computer, etc…make sure to test different email clients such as Outlook or Gmail and remember that each email client has different ways of presenting an email. To avoid this, it is necessary that you use a responsive newsletter builder, like the one offered by Mailpro, where you can easily assemble your newsletter.
  • No Links: we often see newsletters with no links in the content, which may cause you to miss a golden opportunity. Always redirect your subscribers to your website, social networks or product catalogs. But, remember to use links with moderation as newsletters overloaded with links will not be well received by your reader.

Another big mistake

  • Doesn’t include an Unsubscribe Link in your email campaign: At the bottom of each email there must always be a way for the receiver to unsubscribe. This option must be visible and configured so that the user who wishes to unsubscribe can do it in a simple way. If, at the moment, your user does not want to receive more news, make it simple, allow them to easily unsubscribe from your contact list. Do not cause frustration and have them mark you as SPAM.
  • Send Spam: Send junk people don’t need. Email marketing is a tool to create trust, not to get new customers. Do not lose your contact list’s trust by sending irrelevant content.

  • Too Much Content: provides too many stats, numbers and too much information so that users don’t even need to click on the email as they already know it all.

  • Doesn’t analyze the results: You can easily skim over a campaign or another, but, you will only know its effectiveness if you check the Without analyzing the open rate, clicks rate, or unsubscribe rate, you will not be able to optimize future campaigns. What is not measured, can’t be improved. From the Mailpro statistics platform, you can easily verify this information and know which days are best for you, which buttons are most effective, and in which city you have the best reception. So improving your email marketing statistics is a matter of creating, testing, analyzing, correcting and repeating. Do not neglect your statistics because it is the most valuable information that your campaign can provide you.

    If you have made any of these mentioned email marketing mistakes, do not worry, we all make mistakes and committing to correcting these details will ensure that your next email marketing campaign is a successful one.





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