Emailing continues to be a fundamental piece in the marketing strategy of any business or company, not only to promote brands, but also to send customers transactional messages with content such as purchase receipts, invoices, account statements and everything related to transactional processes.

When you have a growing business and need to deliver a bulk of interactive emails to your users, you will often run into limitations when trying to send them with commercial email providers. Ultimately, these providers will prevent your messages from reaching their destination. In this case, a SMTP Relay server provider can help you deliver large volumes of emails without them being labeled as Spam and will put an end to your emails not reaching their destination.

The big difference between a “normal” SMTP Server (such as those used by Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo) and an SMTP Relay server, is its ability to guarantee the unlimited sending of your emails quickly, and directly from the application without having to worry about blockages or limitations.

There are some details that you should take into consideration before choosing the ideal SMTP Server for your business. At Mailpro, we have selected the most important points that you should consider before choosing an SMTP server.

Factors to consider to select a SMTP Relay Server

When it comes to features shared between SMTP servers, you will find that some are very similar. In this list however, you will find the 10 most important features that will indicate if you are choosing the right SMTP server for your business.

Scalability: The scalability of a server is essential for a growing business, it is important that it can be adjusted to the needs of your company as the number of customers or users increases. Whether you are sending emails to a small group of contacts or sending transactional emails to a large volume of clients, the SMTP server must be suitable to grow alongside the volume of your company.

Message Metrics: Having the statistical data of all your deliveries through an SMTP server gives you complete certainty that your messages have reached their recipient. In Mailpro we make sure that the statistics for SMTP server show you the number of messages delivered, opening percentages, click percentages and you can also verify the bounce rate of your messages delivered.

Access to SMTP server statistics is a solution that is not present in all providers, so you should verify very well before choosing the one indicated. Using a solution that does not give you SMTP sending statistics, you would have no way of measuring and analyzing whether your messages are really engaging your customers, which could be harmful to your brand, as you would be making an investment without testing its capacity for success. 

Complete data security: The security of your servers and the data you receive in is one of the most important aspects. Data is one the most valuable assets that your company can count on, so it must be fully protected from the abuse of Spammers and unauthorized people.

Mailpro offers you a robust server infrastructure hosted in Switzerland, where all stored data is protected by federal laws and nobody can request your data, whether physical or digital. What differs from countries such as the United States, where data protection laws allow any government entity or agency responsible for complying with the law, to request your data and gives them access to all your data, if necessary, before any investigation.

IPs Reputation Management: Additional value comes from having a team of deliverable experts in charge of ensuring that the reputations of all the IP’s used to make their deliveries are of quality and thus ensure that no blacklisted IP’s slip through the cracks and lead your messages straight to spam folders.

Simple Integration: An SMTP Relay server simplifies the process by supporting all the main email clients, software or applications and making it easier to configure and connect to them. A few simple steps in which you can integrate user and password authentication, are enough for you to send all the messages you need.

Support when you need it: Having a support team you can depend on is a benefit that cannot be ignored, as having a team that is always present to help you with all your doubts about installation, routing processes, etc. is a factor that should be decisive when hiring the services of an SMTP Server. In Mailpro, you can find a multilingual support team that is willing to answer all your questions and assist you with technical details.

Authentication and protection: Exclusive security passwords for the installation of your server in each software or application you use. SMTP authentication is configured to increase security levels and prevent your account from being used without authorization to send SPAM emails. The SMTP Mailpro server gives you the ability to generate a new password when making a new system integration.

High deliverability: A robust server infrastructure and proven delivery rate will allow you to be sure that all your transactional and commercial messages reach each recipient. SMTP Mailpro servers are fully suited to support large sending volumes, and you can also enjoy a high delivery capacity when installing SPF or DKIM.

Return management: In case any of the emails failing to reach their destination, the system must include a message explaining why the delivery of the email has failed and allow you to make the necessary changes.

ISP Compatibility: The SMTP server you select must give you access to any Email Service Provider from where you are, thus giving you the freedom to access the service without restrictions.

If what you are looking for is a high rate of deliverability of your transactional messages, we encourage you to use a professional SMTP service such as Mailpro, which guarantees the delivery of your transactional and commercial emails.

Learn more about SMTP Relay Mailpro services, their affordable costs and how to integrate this service into your Email Marketing strategy by accessing our SMTP functionalities.

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