Even if our world has changed so much since the last Valentine's Day, February 14 is a pleasant occasion for both lovers and marketers. While couples express their affections with presents and personal dinners, businesses quadruple their email traffic and make billions of dollars in sales.

Valentine's Day is ideal for marketers to use email to enhance consumer relationships and let them know you have what they are searching for. But, when your competitors seize the opportunity and push sales, how can you stay afloat amid mailbox chaos while setting new records for email marketing revenue? So, roll up your sleeves and get started on your Valentine's Day email marketing right away using these guidelines and tips.


Analyze Audience Data to Determine What your Consumers Desire.


On Valentine's Day, everyone wants to feel special. Personalizing contentgoes a long way toward making individuals feel acknowledged.

Knowing who your people are is the first step in conveying a customized message. When you use Mailproas a CRM, you can get a deep look into your audience and allow the data we collect automatically to inform your overview. Our pre-built segments categorize individuals depending on where they reside or if they have just launched a campaign. A premium account holder can use anticipated demographics to speak to people based on their age and gender.

If you have an e-commerce agency, you can also check search keywords used throughout the web to determine what people seek in your own product inventory.

Display the appropriate Products or services at the proper moment

Make the proper products visible on all of your social media channels based on what you now know about your audience and the images you took.

  • Share current events on social media.
  • Send an email with a picture of them in it.
  • Include these on your homepage.
  • Create a landing page just for them.

Always remember that most people are confused about their purchases. Therefore, they abandon 76 percent of retail carts. So, once you've displayed your greatest Valentine's Day products prominently, enable an abandoned cart. That way, if someone adds an item to their cart but does not purchase it, you will have an automated means to bring them back.


Segment Your Email List


The data you have and how you use it will determine how you segment your Valentine's Day email list. As an example, you may divide your contact list into:


  • Sex/Gender
  • Preferences
  • Engagement
  • Age


You can useMailpro Segmentationto help you segment the email list without any hassle. 


One thing you should never forget is that not all of your subscribers celebrate Valentine's Day for a variety of reasons, including aversion to stereotypes, a negative dating experience, or single status. Seeing too many "love emails" may annoy them.


Before releasing the Christmas marketing, allow your clients to opt-out without fully unsubscribing. Add the option to opt-out of getting Valentine's Day emails. This manner, you may unsubscribe disinterested persons from your Christmas email list without losing them as subscribers.


Design a Valentine's Day email.


If you want to create something unique for your subscribers, you must prepare ahead of time. Examine what other companies are doing and strive to develop even better ideas.


Mailpro brings hundreds of Valentine's Day email templates to pick from. You may alter them by adding, deleting, or relocating individual buildings and blocks without having to start from scratch. You may also upload your own template to the editor and modify it to meet your specific requirements.


Include a catchy Valentine's Day email subject line.


Making your subscribers desire to read your email is one of the most difficult difficulties you may encounter. When it comes to open email rates, email subject lines are frequently game-changers. Therefore, email A/B testingis essential for marketers. You may perform tests to locate the best Valentine's Day email templates, fine-tune the text and calls-to-action (CTAs), or ensure your most eye-catching email design is shown to all of your contacts. You may test so much that it might be a little daunting at times. If you're short on time, the concept of creating and testing two (or more!) separate email templates may be out of the question.


Finding the ideal Valentine's Day email subject line is not difficult. All you'll need is some ideas and an A/B testing tool to put them to the test. On the other hand, subject lines should always test — especially on major days like today.


Design Emails for Mobile


According to Statista, smartphones account for more than 61 percent of retail site visits worldwide, while mobile devices account for 45 percent of online shopping orders. It follows that failing to optimize for mobile and tablet devices might be an expensive error. However, designing emails for mobile is now a critical component of a successful email campaign.


If it isn't enough to persuade you, consider it from the consumer's point of view. How many times have you thought of Valentine's Day gifts while grocery shopping or driving to work? And what are you going to do in this situation? You pull out your phone, either to remind yourself to buy something or to hastily hunt for Valentine's Day present idea to buy immediately.


Consider that most individuals are in the same situation as you, and they may be your clients if you simply write a well-optimized email on the issue.


Email Colour Theme and Content.


Valentine's Day is the one day when you may flaunt your love all over the place with hearts, flowers, and red and pink colors. It is safe and effective to use traditional design in your emails.


The colors red and pink in your email will undoubtedly give it a Valentine Day feel that recipients will quickly recognize. However, consider that various businesses will use this color theme, so your email may not stand out as much as you would want. As a result, adding complementary hues like yellows and blues is worthwhile.


When it comes to email content, don't be scared to get cheesy in order to market your company. Traditional phrases like "cupid's arrow" or "love at first sight" effectively sell a product. Using puns in emails may also be advantageous. The possibilities with puns are unlimited, and subscribers will remember them.


Update your Automations with a Seasonal Touch


Undoubtedly, updating your automated email can be an advanced move. So, you can make specific changes to your automation for Valentine’s day. This strategy will surely help you stand out from your competitors. 


  • Add your Valentine's Day shipping dates to cart abandonment emails to give your clients a feeling of urgency.
  • Include Valentine's images and related content in the welcome emails.
  • With Valentine's Day-themed win-back email, use language like "We still value you." That remark could seem weird at other times of the year, but it works in this season.

When you refresh your automation with a seasonal touch, it makes them feel more new and relevant, and it demonstrates that you have invested in your business, which fosters client confidence. Just remember to set a reminder to reset your automation after Valentine's Day.


Wrapping up ...


As a marketer, if you are looking to create an email marketing campaign for Valentine's day, look no further than Mailpro. This Email Marketing Platform with simple management and an automatic newsletter builder makes it simple to create your email messages on your own. Discover its numerous features, templates and put it to the test for free!


We try to bring you tips on email marketing so that you can improve your email marketing strategy! Follow us or leave us a comment if you enjoy reading our articles. 

Wondering about Email Marketing Prices? Check out our affordable plans and start communicating today. 

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