Learn which are the 6 statistics of your email marketing campaign that you should watch

Statistical analysis is a fundamental part of email marketing, as it is for all the strategies that digital marketing allows us to achieve. Thanks to the traceability provided by the measurement tools, you may know the most general and the most specific data that the main statistics for email marketing campaigns show.

Its main objective is to give you the precise references so that you can make the necessary adjustments to your next deliver. For example, if you find that your opening numbers are higher on Wednesday afternoons, you can make your deliveries on that date and time or see how many have clicked on the link to the invitation to your event.

Which are the most important email marketing statistics to consider? We will define which ones you can find in Mailpro:

  • Number of emails sent: It shows you the total number of emails sent within your campaign, it will be proof of the amount of emails that have reached your subscribers.
  • Percentages of openings: This is one of the most important indicators within an email marketing strategy. It will indicate the exact amount of emails that have been read or opened by users, which will indicate the overall effectiveness of your campaign. From our tool for analysis of statistics of mail you can find specific data of its opening by schedule, list of emails by user and countries with the greatest opening volume.
  • Rebound rate: It will indicate the number of returns or bounces on which you could have typing errors or perhaps an email address that is non-existent. Are those emails that could not be delivered to the recipient. They can be classified in Hard Bounce, when the address no longer exists and the forwarding of the message has no effect and Soft Bounce is given when the address sends a temporary error, which could be a full mailbox.
  • Percentage of clicks: It shows you the total number of users that have interacted with the links, buttons and calls to action that you have designed for the user to generate a specific action with your message. The percentage of CTR (total clicks) is an essential indicator to know the effectiveness of your calls to action and promotional messages. In addition, you can know the behavior of your reader and redirect your contacts a campaign with actions that have better interaction.

  • Reactivity rate of emails: it allows to know what percentage of Internet users were interested in the email after reading it. It is a vital statistic or evaluate the quality of the content of the email. It is calculated by dividing the percentage of clicks between the opening percentages. We illustrate with an example. Of the 25 emails you sent, 20 of them are read and 15 are clicked on. You have as a result an opening rate is 80% and 60% click rate. The reactivity rate is 75%: this tells you that three-quarters of the recipients responded to your message. Having a high reactivity rate is an indicator that your campaign is working, and that it has caught the attention of your subscribers.
  • Subscription cancellation rate: with this statistic you can evaluate the reliability and loyalty of your subscribers. This percentage represents the number of users who have decided not to continue receiving your messages. The smaller the statistic, the more reliable your contacts, while if it shows a high percentage, it can indicate a bad orientation of the campaign. With this number, you can evaluate the right balance between frequencies, content and thus improve communication to your readers.

To make a more accurate analysis of your data,  you can take into account other statistics that will show you a little more about the behavior of your subscriber:

  • Open geolocation: it will allow you to know the place of residence of each of your users and compare it with their different statistics. With this data it is possible to know the places where your campaign receives the most attention so you can customize the design of your emails and adapt them according to the geographical needs of your client or company.
  • Software analysis: You can see what operating systems or browsers open your email. From our statistical report for your newsletter, you will find the number of mail openings that will tell you if your messages are opened more often from software for mobile devices or PC. This data is very useful in that you can adapt your message design according to the needs of the browsers and avoid the obstacles you may have with compatibility.
  • Email client: It is always useful to know which email client our subscribers use. There is a wide variety of email clients to read your emails from and it is possible that some of them do not read the HTML code in the same way, meaning that your message can be viewed in different ways depending on the software your user uses to receive mail. If you know how many of your users use a specific type of email client, you can adapt the design of your newsletter so that it reaches your reader's inbox clearly.

In our Mailpro Academy you can find instructional videos and information on statistical analysis.

Track the statistics of your email campaigns with Mailpro

With the appropriate monitoring tools for email that you´ll find in our platform, you can track real-time conversions, recognize the behavior of your subscribers, and find what elements generate the most interaction in each campaign. The email marketing statistical results are precise and always available so you can make comparisons with past campaigns and perfectly plan the content you will send your subscribers. 

With a quick overview, you can find the general statistics of each of the basic email metrics, as well as select a specific campaign and review each item in detail. In addition, you have the option to compare between your campaigns to analyze what actions to perform based on the previous study of your delivers and recognize if you can reuse any previously performed actions. All this data can be downloaded and presented to your client or team in a personalized way with a white label report in PDF format, so you can review each of its statistics in detail.

One of the great advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing is the ability to measure your results almost instantly which ensures the opportunity to correct, send a campaign, re-measure and adjust your tactics along the way. Knowing the statistics of your email marketing campaign gives you important knowledge about the behavior of your contact lists and will help you create successful email marketing campaigns.

Keep in mind some of these tips to improve your statistics:

  1. Your email offers useful and quality information. Make sure your message contains information that connects with the needs of your reader. It should be accurate and short. Remember that the most important thing is your user's time.
  2. Focus on the subject line. In the sea of ​​emails that we receive daily, it is essential that you try to make attractive and personalized subject titles. You can use emoji’s to highlight your message in the inbox.
  3. Segment your delivers Use the information provided by geolocation and software statistics to direct your message more distinctly.
  4. Offer something. Always try to offer some incentive when you plan an email in which you seek to generate an automatic return action, so you can increase your click percentages.
  5. Take care of the design. Create a design that is attractive to the reader. You can do it from scratch orchoose a predesigned template that we offer from our message builder
  6. Calls to action. Include links with calls to action within your message, tell your subscriber what action you want it to generate.

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