How many emails have you received with headings such as "You won the lottery" or "Lose Weight with this Natural remedy", "Gain financial freedom today.” Phrases or words like these are known as spam words. Using terms like this in the message body and subject of your newsletters to try to capture the customer's attention will not work and only will make your email address to be classified as Spammer.

Your emails being opened and not falling into the spam folder, are two of the main objectives of any email marketing campaign. Through email marketing strategies, you can build trust and get closer to customers, as well as keep them informed about your brand. Not only should you be aware of the type of language you use to communicate with your client, but also those words that may alert spam filters and make your mail go directly to the unwanted folder or in the worst case, your Email address even getting blocked.

To guarantee the deliverability of your emails, you have to avoid the use of spam triggers. But what are these words that you must keep out of your email marketing strategy?

To not be a Spammer, avoid using these words

So that you are not confused with a spammer, we will give you some of the words that trigger the alarms of the anti-spam filters.

Words of excessive personalization

Trying to gain the user’s trust does not mean that you should treat them as if you know them well. The use of expressions like Congratulations, dear friend, For You, friend, 4U will lead you to lose customers. So you should avoid making use of these or those that sound like you demand excessive attention from your subscriber.

Words that persuade the immediate purchase

Exerting pressure is not a good selling method, and no one likes to feel pressured to buy a product. Words like: Affordable, Apply online, Direct purchase, Click here, Order now.

You must generate trust and interest in your subscriber. Be subtle and invite him to learn about the services or products that your brand offers in a friendly way and above all, in a way in which the client feels that you know and can help him.

Words that provoke a sense of urgency

If the user needs your services and decides to buy them, he will do so when he considers necessary; not when you want him to. It is for this reason that words that provoke a sense of urgency can lead to a bad relationship with the consumer. You can cause discomfort and make your customer want to unsubscribe from your database.

Be careful when using expressions like: Act now! Do it today, Get it now, Ask today, Please read, Urgent

Words that indicate discounts or gifts

Daily scammers seek to catch a users’ attention with tactics that pique their curiosity by sending messages with offers and discounts. This leads to consumers being very cautious when receiving emails where the header has phrases like "Winner", "Monthly trial offer", "Free membership", "Additional income", "giving away". It is very common for the user to delete the mail immediately and block the sender's address.

Words that seek to give confidence

Generating trust is something that takes time and happens gradually, so using words that seek to generate trust from the first moment, will not magically increase your service’s credibility to users.

Stay away from words like: "100% satisfied", Call free, no tricks, "No risk".

To gain your user’s confidence, use digital marketing strategies, approach them with newsletters, scheduled mailings and by designing a funnel for each stage of your brand development.

Mailpro has created a list with the spam triggers that you have to avoid when writing your emails. Check it out in our FAQs section.

Choose the content and the words that your message will contain wisely

Relevant content, with useful information for your user and with a text free of spam words, will be much more successful among your subscribers so you should avoid using words considered spam in the subject of your email just as much as in the content. Not taking the necessary precautions can cause your campaign to fail.

Keeping spam words out of your texts ensures you better delivery and reputation. In Mailpro, we take the delivery of your mail very seriously and for this reason, we designed a spam test, where you can test your campaigns with confidence and discover the spam level of your messages.

Visit our blog where you can find all the information necessary for designing an email marketing strategy which uses effective words that are free of spam.


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