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Question : Why can’t I import my address book?

Problems when Importing your Addressbook

You must check that you have the latest version of your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, ...).

As the import module uses Adobe Flash Player, you also need to update this module.

If the problem persists, we suggest you contact our support team through the contact form.

Formatting your address file:

1 - Your file must be in the XL, XLS, XLSX, CSV or VCF formats.
2 - You must have your information on the first sheet of your file. The other sheets aren't taken into account.
3 - Email addresses must be in the  same column (example : column A)
4 – Fields 1, 2, 3 ... correspond to the following columns (example : column B, column C, column D ... ). Mailpro only imports your first 26 columns.
5 - Only import the necessary information. It is useless to import your contacts' comments.

If an error message is displayed, check that no cell contains more than 100 characters.


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