Question : How can I migrate my emails to contacts?


Migrating your Emails list to our Contact System

Contacts is the best way to organize your subscribers in Mailpro, to migrate your email lists to contacts we have enabled a simple module to start improving your results. In the "Contacts" label we have incorporated the link to the migration module, once inside you can choose between a fast migration (recommended) and an advanced migration.

Fast migration will only pass your subscribers folders, lists and emails just as they are. The fields of any email will not be migrated.

Advanced migration can choose which fields you want to migrate and if you want to migrate folders, we only recommend advanced migration if you have your contacts well organized and have knowledge of what you need to migrate.

Another way to migrate is to export your email lists in xls, then create the new custom fields you need and adapt the Excel with those fields. Finally go to import contacts and select your Excel. At this point you can create the new lists where you want to place your contacts and add labels if you wish.

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