By receiving a monthly email report directly to your inbox, you can quickly and easily have month by month control of the activity generated by sending email marketing campaigns. This functionality will help you be aware of the analysis of the main statistics of your deliveries made with the Swiss quality email marketing software, Mailpro.

We are aware of how important your time is, for this reason we create this monthly Report of email and SMS marketing campaigns that will be sent to each of our clients to provide them with a summary of the information and status of their activity during the last month. You can find out the amount of credits you have available according to the plan you are enrolled in.

Monthly report by email

In this monthly report you will find general numbers for:

  • Emails sent: you can find out the number of emails that you have sent from our application during the last month. See whether you have sent the minimum number of emails to the largest volume possible.
  • Openings: this will present you with a summary that will indicate the total amount of times your campaigns were opened and sent during the last 30 days. You can get a quick insight into the efficiency of your campaigns by dividing the total number of emails opened by the total number of emails sent and multiply the result by 100. Then you will see the total percentage of emails opened for that month’s deliveries.
  • Clicks: Find out the amount of times the links you added to your campaigns were clicked on, therefore allowing you to recognize if the strategy you have implemented to generate interaction among your subscribers, is working. To find out in detail which links generate the most interaction in each of your campaigns, you can review the Top Clicks record individually and thus keep a list of the most popular URLs for each campaign.
  • Unsubscribed: You can take the number of subscribers who decided to unsubscribe from your newsletter, into account, month by month. You will have a global view of the number of subscribers who either decidedly or mistakenly clicked on the unsubscribe link during the last 30 days.

If you are part of an annual plan and you decided to complement your email marketing campaign with SMS Marketing strategy, you can check how many messages you have sent during the month as well as the total of those that were opened, how many clicks you received on the links you inserted in the message as well as the amount of those who canceled their subscription.

Each month you will still have the remainder of credits that you did not manage to use in the previous month’s email marketing campaigns and the option to update your plan to have access to all the advanced functions offered by Mailpro.

Each month, you will automatically receive a monthly report of email and SMS marketing campaigns that gather the main statistical data of your emails sent and created with Mailpro, a functionality designed to help you keep constant monitoring of your statistics and to optimize your campaigns at the right time.

Try Mailpro and receive 500 free credits for your first email campaign. Check out our cheap rates to find out all the benefits of our prepaid and annual plans in greater detail.

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