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Good Reasons to use Mailpro as a Marketing Specialist

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  1. +500 free responsive templates and +50 categories.
  2. We have created moren than 500 free templates classified by more than 50 categories! Such as Christmas, New Year, among hundreds. See the templates available for you to use.

  3. Double opt-in forms with personalized fields.
  4. Generate detailed PDF reports for your marketing meetings.
  5. Evaluate the success of your campaigns with reliable, downloadable statistics:
Number and opening rate per day and per hour. Read more. Number and responsiveness rate / click-through rate per day and per hour (Watch video) Who opened the email / who clicked on what link. Read more. Opening dates. Comparison of several campaigns. Opening rate in relation to the date of dispatch. The operating system of your subscribers (Windows 8, Mac OS, iPhone, ...) The browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, ...) Read more. The email client (Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, ...)
  1. Several sender emails within your account.
  2. With one Mailpro account, you can have several sender emails and domains for all your different products and services.

  3. Free and personalized customer service.
  4. Our number one goal is to make our customer’s happy. We take pride in the quality of our customer service which sets us apart from our competitors.

  5. Professional routing.
  6. With Mailpro™, the delivery of your emails is assured by our reliable professional routing service and you are sure not to be blocked by your Internet service provider. Also, in case of non-response from the recipient's email server, we will send your newsletter several times at regular intervals to ensure delivery.

  7. Advanced email authentication tools to improve email delivery.
  8. Easy to configure SPF, DKIM, DMARC for better delivery of your emails.

  9. All features included in one version
  10. Easy to understand, no hidden fees, we have very competitive prices and you can try for free! Create your Mailpro™ account

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  • Competitive prices: Enjoy our very flexible prices depending on your emailing needs! You can enjoy all of our features!
  • Easy to use, friendly tools: With our newsletter builder, you won't waste any more time on the creation of your newsletter. In just a few minutes, you'll build a professional quality responsive newsletter without coding knowledge.
  • We comply with legal regulations and we he help you to comply with regulations such as GDPR. We have developed tools to make it easier for you to comply with the GDPR.

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