Published on: 21 August 2019

The Email PreHeader can be defined as the text summary that lies next to the subject line when you view the mail from the inbox. It is that line that gives an idea of ​​what the message contains, this line of text that for many may go unnoticed but makes a big difference when convincing the reader to open the message or not.

For some, Preheader text will have been completely unbeknownst until now but email clients actually extract this information directly from the email content, specifically from the first lines of content they can find.

Sure you will ask... but if it is generated automatically why you should pay so much attention to it? A big reason is that this text is one of the first three elements that are displayed in the inbox next to the subject line and the recipient or potential subscriber will see this before making the important decision to open the message or not.

The importance of a good PreHeader

When used consciously, the PreHeader text has the power to be that ideal complement to the subject line that will make all the difference and help you increase the opening rates of your emails. A well-written Pre-header will show an accurate and attractive summary of the message that will be displayed to your readers.

Some of the usual errors that may appear in the Pre-Header are shown automatically and it will show messages such as: "If this message is not displayed correctly, click here". It wouldn’t look so good for the reader to see this text accompanying your well thought out subject line.

The self-generated Pre-Header text may seem sufficient, but you’d be missing the opportunity to generate curiosity and capture your reader’s attention.

How can you control the text that appears in the Pre-Header?

To avoid seeing unattractive text and maintain the relationship between Issuer-Subject-PreHeader between texts, you can take some of these solutions into account.

Hide the PreHeader text: Lead readers directly to the design of your newsletter by adding a hidden div style code in the HTML code of your newsletter’s design which will allow you to insert a hidden text that will be displayed by email clients. The drawback is that these email clients modify the rules frequently, which forces you to adapt the code so that it works for everyone.

An example of the code to solve it manually would be:

<div style = ”display: none! important; mso-hide: all; ”> Pre-Header Text </div>

Use a Professional Email software: When you use a professional email tool like Mailpro you will simply need to insert the text you want to show as Pre-Header from the advanced options that our platform offers you to design messages.

Using the Message Builder, simply go to the advanced options, in the “Pre-Header” line, and add the text you want to display.

If you have designed your Newsletter in HTML code, when importing it to Mailpro you can go directly to advanced options in the WYSIWYG editor and insert the text, so you will save time and you can be sure that the Pre-Header will be viewed correctly.

This is where you should take the opportunity to place that message that complements your powerful subject line and serves as a hook for capturing the attention of your subscriber. If you create your message from Mailpro, it will only take you a few minutes to place the appropriate message in these boxes. It’s simple.

Keep in mind that the most important information should be present in the first characters that you include in the content of your message. To get the best results and get the most out of using Pre-Header text in your email marketing campaigns, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Include a call to action that helps you increase the opening percentages of your campaigns. Think of including a line like “Discounts for End of Season” in the Pre-Header.
  • Provide relevant information that complements the subject line. This text will help to reaffirm or expand the message of the email title so that it is consistent with the subject line. This space allows you to expand what you consider important to show the reader.
  • Must be attractive. Create expectations and contain few but concise words. Complement it with resources of exclusivity and customization to make it even more attractive. Always keep in mind that personalization in the email helps increase opening rates. Adapt the message as much as possible to make it a direct conversation with the client from the very first look at the inbox.
  • Be creative and fun. Use the PreHeader text to give you freedom for ideas and creativity. Write something different to help capture the reader's attention, a bit of sparkle and humor always comes in handy. Without forgetting that everything depends on the content of the message, never lose the relationship with the content. You don't want to confuse the reader and have it send you directly to the SPAM folder.
  • Do not repeat the subject line. Take advantage of the space and additional characters to gather the reader's attention.
  • Think mobile. The pre-headers may not be quiet as valuable when you open emails from a computer but on mobile devices they can be as important as the subject line.

Using all possible resources to make your message stand out from the amount of emails received daily is one of the challenges of email marketing. In your next campaign, do not forget to create a suitable text for your Pre-Header. Including the correct message as a complement to an attractive subject line will capture the attention of your readers and will be a reason that leads them to open the message.

In order to achieve all the objectives you propose in your email campaign, it is important that you use a professional email marketing platform such as Mailpro, the platform that integrates everything you need to manage the design, delivery and statistical analysis of your email marketing campaigns.

Discover all that Mailpro offers you, open your account and receive 500 free credits.

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