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Receive a Monthly report of Email and SMS Campaigns from Mailpro

Keeping track of the activity generated by your email marketing platform is now easier since Mailpro offers you a monthly report of email and SMS campaigns.

On a month by month scale, you will be able to find out the general state of the activity generated by your deliveries from the last thirty days. It is a simple and quick way to keep track of your main mail statistics and find out the changes  made in your account. The tool will take care of the general monitoring of the email and SMS campaigns that you created and designed from our application.

Just like with a bank account statement, this monthly report of email and SMS campaigns will instantly give you a general summary of the activity generated in your Mailpro account. This activity is that which you generated through the mail and SMS campaigns you sent in the last 30 days. As we mentioned before, it is always important to review your email marketing campaign numbers, so that you can be sure of the effectiveness of each of your campaigns sent by individually studying each of them. You can read about the main metrics relevant to email marketing in our blog.

In this monthly report of email and SMS campaigns, you will have access to the following information:

  • Emails Sent: this will give you the total number of emails sent from our platform during the last month. It’s a a test of the number of emails that have been delivered to your subscribers during that last month. You will see this figure reflected in this line, regardless of whether you made a shipment of 1 or 10 campaigns per month.
  • Opening rate: One of the most important indicators for email marketing strategies is the emailopening rate. With this, you can check the total number of all emails that have been read or opened by your subscribers. To obtain the global percentage of all your openings, you just divide the total number of emails opened by the total number of emails sent and multiply it by 100. This will give you the percentage of how many of your emails were opened  from the past month’s shipment.
  • Clicks: This will give you the total number of interactions produced from the links that you added to your campaigns. If you want to know which links generated the most interaction amongst your users in detail, you can do so from the list of Top Clicks that shows you the statistical report of each campaign that you sent. For each campaign, you can verify this statistical category  to figure out which has the best acceptance and decide if the content that you provide your user is attractive and valuable.
  • Unsubscribed: Here you can check how many subscribers have decided to unsubscribe from your newsletter, either by their own decision or perhaps through an error they made in clicking the unsubscribe link. Depending on the number of shipments you make per month and the quality of content that you deliver to your subscribers, you will see variation in this number. It is important that you keep this number in mind so that you can quickly detect if you need to make email design or content changes.

From this monthly report, you will also find the general numbers for SMS campaigns that have been carried out in the last month. If you are part of an annual plan and decide to increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns by sending SMS, you will receive the general status of your SMS campaign with data such as monthly SMS openings (how many of messages were opened by your contacts) and the total number of clicks the links you added to your messages received.

To be able to approach your customers in a unique and immediate way, complementing your email marketing campaigns with SMS can provide additional benefits when designing the marketing strategy for your brand. It is important that you know that sending SMS is a service intended for accounts with annual subscriptions, so if you want to experience its benefits, you must take a leap and update your plan. Check out our rates.

To gain control of all the activity that you generate from our application, this monthly email and SMS campaign report will take count of the amount of credits that you did not use at the end of the month, as well as the direct possibility of increasing your either prepaid or yearly plan so you have access to all the advanced features and functions available in our application.

We truly recognize how valuable your time is, so we designed this monthly report to give you the control over your activity that allows you to make necessary adjustments for your campaigns at just the right time.

Check out our inexpensive rates! Open your account today and receive 500 free credits to launch your first email marketing campaign with Mailpro.

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