After several months of work by our development and design team at Mailpro, we are eager to introduce to you, the latest version of our application,  Mailpro V8. In this new version of our email marketing software we have focused on creating a renewed, fresh and easy-to-navigate design that is complemented by a brand new way of presenting the statistics of all your email marketing campaigns and transactional emails, whether SMTP or API.

Simplicity and efficiency defines this new version of Mailpro, which is the email marketing tool for everyone. In this article, we will give you a detailed review of all the news that Mailpro V8 has for you.

New Dashboard

We also offer you all the information and advice on email marketing collected in our Blog, so you can create successful email marketing campaigns.

New presentation of your statistics

Top Email Subjects, will be selected according to the highest opening percentages of all your campaigns. This stat will help you evaluate which subject lines have been best received by your subscribers; a very valuable detail when sending your future campaigns, as it will give you more detail about the behavior of your readers and the types of messages with which they best connect.

If you have sent emails through the SMTP server or from the API, you can simply access this data by clicking on the All Sendings tab so you can find out the global details of the different sendings.

Complete redesign of the campaign statistics

The Global Campaign statistics, will show you the data for sendings, deliveries, openings, click-throughs, bounces and unsubscribed rates of each unique campaign. Through our redesigned statistical breakdown, you can consult your data more directly and speedily.

In three graphs, we have detailed the most important data for recognizing the success of your campaign: opening percentages, click through rate and bounce rate. A timeline will indicate the specific days and times when they opened your message and clicked on it.

Without making any changes, you will be able to immediately see the data for Users by devices, Geolocation and the most popular URLs within your message.

Now it will be much easier to analyze your statistics, and we hope you enjoy this new design and that it will steer you to making a detailed study of all your campaigns.

Rewards Program

Changes always come with great advantages, which is why we have created a rewards program for our new users and trial users, which offers additional credits for completing simple tasks that help them become familiar with the tool.

You can work your way through three levels in our Mailpro Rewards Program, from beginner to advanced, to accumulate up to 1000 account credits in the process.

For Beginners, upon completing the basic steps within the platform, you will receive 200 additional credits. Among the tasks required for completing the intermediate level rewards, you must create your first subscription form, customize your profile and put your messages through the Anti-Spam test to receive 300 free credits.

The reward for Experts is 500 additional credits for completing the requirements of creating your first automatic campaign, adding or changing the email sender and completing the user configuration of the Anti-Spam filters: SPF, DKIM, DMARC.

Learn more about the rewards program from our FAQ

SMTP server

This Mailpro version is accompanied by our new SMTP Relay Server service dedicated to large-scale transactional messages. SMTP Relay is the service that will allow you to easily integrate any system or application for sending your emails without having to leave your CMS application, Ecommerce Platform, CRM or collection management program.

The process of transferring emails using the SMTP protocol and SMTP servers is known as SMTP Relay. This means that if your company needs to send large volumes of messages, you can use a third party service (SMTP Relay) to manage the sending of these emails without the need for using your own Email Servers.

Mailpro, offers you a mail server for SMTP Relay processes, capable of connecting to virtually all external systems, such as ecommerce, email inboxes, blogs, WordPress sites or other content management systems.

Advantages of the Mailpro SMTP Relay Server

Ease of installation: The Mailpro SMTP Relay service is already easy to configure. You just have to configure your mail or application to our server with the credentials that you will find within your Mailpro account, which will only take a few minutes.

Better delivery rates: Most traditional email providers (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo), in order to combat SPAM, have limits on the amount of emails they can send to different recipients per day. With the Mailpro SMTP server, the delivery of your messages will be guaranteed.

Statistics: Mailpro, will allow you to see sending statistics for emails sent through the SMTP servers. You can access these statistics from the renewed Statistics Panel, so you can discover the opening rates, click-through rates, geolocation and also analyze the bounce of your emails sent through SMTP Relay.

Security: Using an SMTP server, you can be fully confident in sending large volumes of emails, without the fear of being labeled as SPAM. We maintain strict IP review standards, as well as the ease of installing filters such as SPF, DKIM.

These are some of the great changes we are making in Mailpro, in our mission to create the best experience for our users. Above all, we will always maintaining the simplicity and efficiency of our email marketing software.

Mailpro, is now available so go enjoy this new version.

Take the opportunity to obtain additional credits with our rewards program. Create your Mailpro account, it's free!

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